After the cancellation of previous Cambridge International Examinations May/June series due to this global pandemic, CIE is quite hopeful this time that their Oct/Nov series would go ahead as normal.

They have issued the final version of their timetable as well.

So, the time has arrived for all the students out there to brace themselves up as Cambridge International Examinations are not as easy as ABC especially for the students of O/A levels. It demand lots and lots of hard-work and literally draining all the energy out of students of O/A levels.

Well, we know the exams are tough but not for the hard working students and students who know how to work smartly to sail through the exams.

Scoring best in O/A level exams is most important because only with good scores you are able to achieve what you want to do in future. Whether studying further in a professional college or getting a good job. It all depends on how good you scored in your O/A levels exams. With high grade especially in A levels you can gain admission in top leading universities across the globe.

We all know exams put a-lot of pressure on students.  Exams stress out every individual. But to cope up with it one needs to have timely preparation and well planned timetable for revision to achieve good grades.

Therefore, the most important factors are your time and revision. How do you manage your time to cover all the syllabus and how much time you’ve spared for the revision. And this sums up your half of success through the exams. The rest depends on how you manage your time during exams and your time calculation during paper solving.

So here are some tips which you may follow to ace your upcoming board exams.

Following are the tips to prepare your-self for forthcoming exams:

First of all you should have all the studying material with you i.e your course recommended books, extra notes and past papers and you should be well aware of the up to date syllabus of your course. After that prioritize the subjects which make up large percentage and start with them. Pick one topic, cover all the aspects, understand it well highlight important points for your short notes. After understanding, try to memorize the important points. Once you’re done with the topic. Start practicing topic-wise past papers. Try solving each question by your-self and afterward look into the marking scheme. While solving the past paper also keep an eye on the clock and try to manage your time, as good management of time is equally beneficial as your good preparation. If you’re prepared well, have done necessary revision but still you’re unable to manage time while doing you paper, you’re still standing in the middle of nowhere. So time management is the key. So work hard on it.

However, I believe you can never complete the whole course with such a confidence that you don’t need a revision therefore when you’re done with complete course, the next most important step is the revision. Prepare a revision timetable and schedule it for your most productive and active time of your day. The time of the day when you feel most fresh whether it’s early morning or evening. But it is always recommended to study early after you wake up from the sleep. And if you want to achieve good score in your O/A levels it is best to start your revision at least one month prior to your exams.

Revision helps you to remember the topics, their important facts and figures along with that timely and good revision boosts your confidence and reduces your anxiety. It makes you feel that by the time of exams you’ll be well prepared for it. Prior to exams, while going through the revision make sure you don’t forget to focus on past papers. Consider effective ways to solve questions, you may ask your teacher for help, discuss the past paper questions with your fellow colleagues. Try solving the questions more analytically and strategically.

It is said “Practice makes a man perfect”. It trains your brain to revise the concepts and store the knowledge in your long term memory. When doing the revision try focus on making the small bullet points for quick revision on exam night.

But most of all you’re worth more than just your grades. So don’t forget to take short breaks while prep. Make sure you take out time and sit with your family members and generate healthy discussions with them.

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