online tuitions

Effect of lockdown on education system worldwide:

As we all know, approximately the whole world is almost shut down due to the pandemic. To prevent the further spread of infection, all the educational institutes were closed. Some countries stopped all the activities completely and some went to the concept of online tuitions in the benefit of students. In this situation, a lot of people started online tuitions through different online forums like YouTube and other social media platforms, because they didn’t have any other option for earning. Merits and demerits of online tuitions are discussed below.


  • These are ideal for students who feel comfortable in studying in virtual environments.
  • These bear less expenses as compared to regular tuitions in many aspects like traveling costs.
  • Students can save and access the information later by recording and keeping the data on their computers.
  • Parents have a sense of security as they know that their child is safe at home and they can easily review the standard of online classes and tuitions.
  • Chances of class bunk are minimized to a great deal in online tuitions as compared to regular classes.


  • No matter how high much high standard they have, online tuitions can’t match or substitute the learning process of face to face tuitions, the social aspect which students learn through regular classes.
  • It becomes a lot more difficult to properly explain the subject matter because some topics and subjects require physical interaction, for example, while teaching a student certain ideas, a tutor can’t explain what he/she is trying to convey without face to face interaction.
  • Several technical issues like frozen computer screens or downtime of the server can cause an interruption in the learning process and frustrate the students. Once the students become upset and frustrated due to concentration loss, it becomes almost impossible for a tutor to bring them back at the same level without being physically present.

Effective strategies                                                                                                               

Be focused on active learning:

Online classes and online teaching is a lot different from face to face classes and teaching. In a regular way of teaching, instructors mostly rely on long and detailed lectures to cover up the allocated time. But these long lectures are hard to digest for the students during online classes no matter how dynamic and interesting these maybe. To hold the attention of students during an online teaching session, the content should be full of collaborations, discussions, audio, video clips, animations, and all the other stuff which entice the students to get involved and learn actively. In online classes, the content should be a mixture of teaching and new learning tools as compared to face-to-face classes.

Engage less number of students at a time:

In regular classes, most of the students never participate in the class discussions or dare to ask any question as they are not interested or shy to say something. However, it is observed that during online classes, the shyness factor is reduced somewhat and students participate more in the class and if the number of students in the class is very large then it becomes hectic and intimidating for the tutor to handle it as well. Under ideal conditions, it is recommended that only 20-30 students should participate at a time in one class and the tutor should be advised to further divide them into two groups (10 students per group) during discussions, collaborations group activities and peer critiques. Fewer students make coordination between tutor and student much easier and due to fewer participants,  everyone gets equal opportunity of participation in class.

Tutor should be mentally present all the time:

Either classes are online or offline, the tutor or instructor should always be mentally present in the class. Online classes don’t mean narrating some bound content to students and expect them to swallow all that. It doesn’t justify the duty of the instructor. Educational experts prefer that the instructor should be socially present in the class all the time and encourage the students to do this also.

Utilize the time efficiently:

If the instructor tries to cover up the whole time slot by himself, without allowing the students to participate, then it becomes hectic and tiring for him/her. To avoid such situations, he/she has to manage the time wisely in such a way that he can also deliver what he/she is supposed to deliver and all the students of the class can participate sufficiently.

Accept the multi-media Assignments:  

Instructors should be open enough to embrace the multi-media assignments like PowerPoint presentations. Because some students feel more confident and express in a better way through multi-media assignments as compared to paper written assignments. Although paper written assignments are easier for instructors to evaluate.

By: WTI Academy