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Closing of educational institutes particularly universities and colleges forces many students to find alternate ways to continue their education. Statistics regarding this are very shocking. Approximately at present, over three million students are enrolled in full-time online tuitions and six million are taking at least one online course. From the past few years, online education has clearly taken over the conventional method of education particularly for higher education. It will become more popular with the improvement in the standard of online tuitions and classes. Students who are working along with their study, mostly prefer to choose online courses fully or partially. The ten most prominent advantages of online education are discussed below.                             

Availability of various courses and programs at one time:                                                          

As compared to conventional four-year degree programs, online educational forums, colleges, and universities offer a variety of courses for their students. It means no matter whatever niche they are looking for, they will find related courses and programs which they need. They can also earn every possible degree online from a simple certificate to doctorate degree. Unlike conventional education, they can complete all the procedures easily from the comfort of their home.                      

Less expenses as compared to conventional method of education:                                                          

Online education and their degree programs are supposed to be more economical than traditional education. The tuition expenses are more in online education but the associated expenses like bills etc are nearly negligible. Amount spend on commuting, provision of course material like textbooks and other such material are totally exempted in online education. Mostly the educational institutes earning a lump sum amount through free massive open online (MOOCs) which is regarded as the latest advancement in online education. These affordable online courses can help the students to satisfy their general educational needs.                                                                  

More relaxed learning environment:                                                                                                

As compared to conventional education, students can attend their online classes from their comfort of home even in their pajamas or skims which is a big advantage of online classes. They can listen to their lectures, complete their assignments, and can send them through mail or any other electronic way. They don’t have to leave their work early for classes, no need to miss the quality family time, or to be entangled in heavy traffic. Moreover, the money which they have to spend on traveling can also be saved which is a big advantage.                                                              

More flexible and convenient timings:                                                                                                        

In online classes, students get more luxury in the schedule, because they can study any time of the day whenever they are free according to their daily routine. They can access the course material any time because it is available online, this also saves them from hectic library trips to search out the related material. This flexibility also brings a lot more balance in the life of students and it becomes easy for them to manage their work and family commitments with their education.

Participation of students and increase in concentration level :

 Participation of students is higher in online classes as compared to traditional method of education because such students which feel shy to say something or participate in face to face interaction can also actively express themselves. When some students were asked feedback about their online classes, they described that concentration level is much higher in an online session which is may be due to loneliness and fewer distractions.                                                     


Multi-tasking is another added advantage of online education. While enrolled in a degree program, proceeding through the traditional way of education is like a full-time job and it becomes difficult for students to continue anything along with this job, etc. However, in online education, they can easily manage their study, job, family duties, and get some time to relax as well. Due to this advantage, online education is becoming more popular in working and family-oriented students.                                                                                                               

Traveling Costs:                                                                                                                                           

During bad weather conditions, like thunderstorms, snowstorms, and any other natural calamity, colleges and universities may cancel or postpone all their commitments to avoid any dangerous situation and to avoid their students from the risk of driving or traveling in such situation. This delays the session and the time of completion of degree increases which becomes frustrating for students and also for faculty members. This is the beauty of online classes that everything will be performed according to schedule even if the weather situation is not very good, because online classes do not require any traveling and commuting.                                                                 

 Help you to improve your technical skills:                                                                                                    

Even a very basic session of online classes can enable you to learn a lot of things about computers, to develop new skills like how to navigate different learning management systems and other such online-based programs. These skills can help the students even after their education in their practical life and their job.                                                                                                      

Credit transfer:                                                                                                                                    

Such college students which are looking for summer classes but they live at a long-distance from the college or working on summer jobs can easily take online classes from the college which they are looking for and transfer the credits to their primary college. Similarly, if their respective college doesn’t offer the courses, which they want to study, then they can take this course online at any college which is offering that course and transfer the credits to their college. This will save a lot of their time and they can study the course which they want without taking admission in that college.

By: WTI Academy