Terms and conditions:

  1. There is a facility for recording the lecture given by the teacher in which both the student and teacher are present. This kind of facility has a purpose to facilitate the student that if he /she wants the recording for their exam preparation, the management will provide the video. But if the student does not feel comfortable in order to be recorded, they can ask the management to turn off their recording. But this is the policy of the company to record the teacher so that it can help in the evaluation of the teacher’s performance.
  2. If there is a case that the behavior of the teacher is not following the rules and regulations of the company and has been accused of misbehaving, it is up to the student to report to the particular department of the management. If the student is failed to report, the management will not be responsible for any kind of consequences faced by the student in the future. So the student must report as soon as possible. The management will respond accordingly.
  3. We are also providing exceptional service for the teachers of arranging 2 days free trial period in which student will be able to understand the modes of teaching behavior of the teacher and after that, if the student is going to be satisfied, the tutor will be confirmed. But the thing to be considered here is that the time period of trial is just two days after that time period if the student has submitted a fee and no valid reason is there, no fee will be refunded.
  4. The company has a strict policy of verification of the teacher’s credentials. No teacher is hired without proper screening in the form of a written test and interview. If student want to verify the credibility of the teachers we are here for you for your guidance for any kind of issue related to the teacher. We do not compromise on the quality of education on our platform.
  5. The other thing to consider by the student is the punctuality of the students. Without any valid reason, classes will not be canceled. So is the case with the teacher. So if there is any issue inform us as soon as possible so that alternative classes could be arranged. In this case, the company has a clear policy of engagement and cooperation with the students and teachers. But it also depends on the attitudes of the particular stakeholders also.
  6. Also, the students must have a serious attitude during the class. The use of mobile phones, gum chewing, and other non-serious irrelevant activities during the class will not be tolerated. If a teacher is going to report many times, management has the right to take action against the student according to the nature of the situation. So Students must pay full attention during the proceedings of the classes.
  7. At the request of the student, the company can also arrange parent-teacher meetings to make sure the involvement of the parents. This kind of activity will help to find a solution to the problems faced by the student during his/her learning behaviors. But this factor totally depends on the students and this clause is valid during the course study. After the result, we find no use of the parent-teacher meeting.
  8. The other important thing to be considered by the students is that if the teacher is going to assign some assignments for their evaluation and the student has not completed the assignments on time, the teacher reserves the right of complaining by noticing the behavior of the student many times and after that higher management will take action that either the student will be able to get the lecture or not in the future. It is because of the objective of the company to give this platform for the improvements of the sills of the students and for this purpose mutual coordination by the students and teachers is required. So students must do the assignment on time.
  9. If the student found any difficulty in the assignment, they can consult the concerned teacher without any hesitation. The company has the policy of encouraging the students to ask productive questions and it is the responsibility of the teachers to oblige them. But the teacher must remember them that asking the questions must not become the cause of the waste of time so proper care must be done to save precious time.
  10. It is up to students to get notes and all types of necessary material which can be helpful during the class. Proper notes must be done and if there is any problem in the understandings of different topics they are free to discuss with the teacher.
  11. The teacher has the responsibility to tell about the condition of the students with the passage of time to the management panel. Proper record is going to be maintained regarding the performance of the students and is there is found consistency in the poor performance of the student, management has the right to consult to the parents of the students so that the parents must be informed about the learning attitude of the students. This will be done during the course module on and off and the basic purpose of this activity is to ensure the active participation of the parents.
  12. It is the right of the company to upload the profile of the teachers so that the students will be able to find the expertise of the faculty. In this case, the teacher has to provide his/her credentials at the time of the interview. This is the strategy of the company to remain open and work with fairness without any kind of doubt in the minds of the students. The company’s motive for transparency regarding the selection of the teacher will be present here.
  13. The company also reserves the right to terminate of the contract with the teacher without prior notification to the teacher. This will be done in case of continuous complaints of the students and after an unbiased inquiry by the higher management. The teacher has the right to consult the management regarding his/her termination and the management will tell all the reasons.
  14. The student must ensure its identification is clear in all sorts of communications. The student must take care that the picture must be cleared and only registered students must be present during the class. Any presence of irrelevant persons during the class will become the cause of distraction and can cause focus problems not only for the teachers but also for the students. So if the complaints are going to be made by the teacher many times, the management will take necessary action. It is because without proper discipline learning process cannot be achieved.
  15. In the end, the students must follow the terms and conditions for their benefits so that the future losses to the students could be minimized. The basic purpose of mentioning the terms and conditions is to make aware of the students regarding the policies of the company. The following of the rules is in their best interest and the student must take them seriously at any cost. That is the reason the company has mentioned all terms and conditions clearly and boldly so that there must be no misunderstandings during the course time period. The company will not bear the losses if in the case the student has negligent behavior regarding the terms and conditions.